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RPG Maker VXAce

Changes from RPG Maker VX[]

RPG Maker VX (RPGツクールVX RPG Tsukūru VX?) is the engine predecessor of RPG Maker VX Ace (RPGツクールVX Ace).

Judging from the name of RPG Maker VX Ace, many would think that it is just a mere add-on, however this is completely not the case; RPG Maker VX Ace is an extensively new stand-alone engine, while it still carries all of the non-Ace version's features and more.

Note: RPG maker VX projects currently are not compatible with RPG maker VX Ace (cannot be directly copied over).

New Features[]

RPG maker VX Ace is overall a much stronger engine than RPG maker VX taking into account all these built-upon/new features:

  • 64-bit operating systems support
  • RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System) updated to version 3
  • Support for multiple tile sets per game
  • Skill and item attack damage formula can be set in database.
  • Item data can be modified to include "trait" or "on use effect"
  • Included character graphic generator (based on Chibi Chara Tsukuru), but also allow editing character's portrait
  • You can now view the team's walking in formation. A party can have 5 or more members, but members outside the first 4 are not visible on map, nor do they enter combat.
  • Combat scene background is now customizable, which can be made of 2 background pictures.
  • Combat skills can be used via the introduction of 'TP' parameter.

Mapping System[]

RPG maker VX Ace has support for unlimited tilesets, whereas RPG Maker VX could had a limit of up to only five tilesets. Just like RPG Maker XP, the tilesets are assigned to each map. Also, from XP, the returned feature of having '4 Directional' tiles is back; These allow for being able to enter from one side, while being able to enter from the other creating more oppertunities for more fulent and linear gameplay. This featute was not avaliable in RPG Maker VX.