RPG Maker VX Ace Wiki

Cover art for the Japanese release.


RPG Maker VX Ace (short RMVXAce, RMAce, VXAce or simply Ace) is the latest version of Enterbrain's RPG Maker series.

Although the name suggests that Ace is an add-on to VX, its predecessor, Ace actually is a new stand-alone engine. This is emphasized by the fact that you cannot open any VX projects in Ace (or the other way around).

You can find a list of changes from VX to Ace here.

You can, however, update your game from RPG Maker VX to Ace with a conversion program found here.


Ace consisty of three basic parts:

  • the Map Editor, where you can create and edit maps and events.
  • the Database, where you can change game options, create items, skills, actors, enemies, and more.
  • the Script Editor, where you can edit core scripts or add your own.


Ace has been released in Japan in stores at December 15th, 2011, and was later made avialable as a download from the japanese amazon site.

An trial version of the engine has been released in japanese, which is not time-limited, but lacks some functions of the full version. It was also translated into English through a translation package.

A US version has been released on March 16, 2012 with a 30-day trial. People who pre-ordered received a $15 dollars discount, a DS-Graphics addon, and many more songs and items. [1]