A number of scripts support formula-based input and allow you to create very complex mechanics with a few simple formulas, but a significant portion of this potential is lost due to lack of scripting knowledge.

The purpose of this reference is to remedy this issue and provide users with a number of example script calls that they can use out-of-the-box.

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Script calls will be organized based on the "type" of data you are working with. For example, if you want to work with actors, parties, troops, events, switches, variables, or other data in the game.

You may create additional categories if necessary.

Formula VariablesEdit

Some scripts support the use of "formula variables", which are variables that hold special meanings within the context of the formula you're writing. This largely depends on what kind of formula you are writing and is defined by the script you're using.

The damage formula, for example, supports three formula variables:

a - equivalent to the action user for the current action
b - equivalent to the action target for the current action
v - equivalent to $game_variables

Formula variables are used to make your script calls cleaner and easier to write. You should take advantage of formula variables whenever the script you're using provides them.

Common MistakesEdit

  • Leading zeroes in your numbers. This looks like it's ok, just because that's how the editor displays numbers, but writing 026 and 26 mean two completely different things. In the best case, your game crashes and you wonder why you can't type 09. In the worst case, the game doesn't crash, but things don't behave the way you expect it to
$game_variables[026] # Wrong
$game_variables[26]  # Right

Script CallsEdit

Actors Edit

  • Get a reference actor ID 3

Parties Edit

  • Remove party member (where x = party position. 0 = 1st member, 1 = 2nd member, etc.)
m = $game_party.members

  • Get the party's gold

Classes Edit

  • Changes the Class of a party member. (where m = party member from database, x = class in database.)
$game_actors[m].change_class(x, true)

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