The Script Editor - Explorer (1), Name (2) and Editor (3)

The Script Editor is where you can manage and change the scripts used in your project.

You can open the Script Editor by either pressing the fourth button from the right or pressing F11 on your keyboard.


The Script Editor consists of two parts, the explorer and the editor itself. Also, below the explorer, there is a window to enter the script's name.


The explorer allows you to manage your scripts. Insert new scripts, remove unneeded ones or cut and paste them in the right order by right-clicking on an entry. You can also search for code within either the selected, or all scripts.

While you select a script, you can change its displayed name in the window below. Note that the name you assign to a script has no effect on the script itself.

Also, empty scripts are ignored by Ace. Therefore, you can easily structure your scripts by dividing them into smaller groups, each of them seperated by empty scripts with or without a name assigned to.


The editor is, as the name implies, the main part of the Script Editor. There, you can change your scripts in order to change or remove features, or even add new ones. All scripting must be done in RGSS3 Syntax.

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