RPG Maker VX Ace Wiki

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain "debug demo" etiquette and how to make it easier for others to get your project and look at what's wrong.

What is a Debug Demo[]

A debug demo is basically a demo project that you create for the purposes of debugging.

Creating a Debug Demo[]

Extra Tips[]

Here are some things that would make things easier for everyone.

Minimize Noise[]

If you want someone to look at a script compatibility issue, chances are, you do not need to include 200 MB worth of graphics and sounds in the demo.

You should ideally create a new project and only include the minimum that's necessary to reproduce the problem. This allows others that are trying to help you to download your file faster and to pin-point where the problem is faster when there aren't a lot of other scripts that may not have anything to do with the problem you're having.