Suppose your story is at a point where a particular actor must be the leader. There could be any number of reasons why you’re forcing the leader to be that actor: maybe your game has a mechanic where the leader can use a specific skill on the map, and different actors have different skills available. Maybe you just want that actor to be a leader.

In any case, you want the leader to be a specific actor in the party, so you may need to perform a party formation swap. But how do you do this?

There are several ways to accomplish this.

Use a LoopEdit

First, you could prevent the player from moving forward until they change the party formation, as I show in this video

Required Actor in the Battle Party

Required Actor in the Battle Party

But that might be annoying. Alternatively, you can use script calls.

Use a Script CallEdit

Game_Party has a method called swap_order which takes two indices. When you call this method, the actors at the specified indices will be swapped.

Let’s say our party formation looks like this:


But because we are currently hunting slime, we would like Yuki the Slime Hunter Samurai to take the lead. We will need to know a few pieces of information

  • What index if Yuki currently at? Basically, we want to know her position in the party
  • Which index will we change it with? The leader.

The leader is easy: it’s index 0.

The less trivial part is to figure out the correct index we want to swap it with. To do this, we will use a method from Game_Actor called index, which returns the index of that actor in the party.

Assuming Yuki is actor 2, the script call looks like this:

idx1 = 0
idx2 = $game_actors[2].index
$game_party.swap_order(idx1, idx2)

Once you make that script call, the party formation will change as you need.

What can you do with the swap_order script?

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